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Storm Sewers
Posted on Jan 28th, 2019

went from the street into the lake had collapsed.  Unable to connect with anyone from the County for assistance, the resident called the LPE Civic Association for help.  Government Affairs committee members, Margie Bradley, and Linda Hutchinson made contact with the County Engineers working on the storm sewer project and were able to have this address added to future work.  Our subdivisions drainage system are basically just the ditches at the street.  At certain points, there are culverts with grates that are then piped into the lakes and canals.  The County hired a contractor to locate these drainage points, however, because the properties they run under were never recorded or deeded as easements, they were difficult to locate and some of these sites were missed.  In some cases, residents only manage to find them after they happen to cave in.  If you have an issue with the storm sewers or drainage please let us know. The LPE Civic Association and our Government Affairs committee can help you to streamline working with the County and assist you in getting it resolved.