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Update on Docks Being Built in LPE
Posted on Mar 25th, 2018

recently been put under more scrutiny   If you want to build or rebuild a dock please be certain that your builder or if you're doing it as a DIY project that you are familiar and following the county codes regarding your dock.
A few items to take into consideration:
1.  is the need to secure a building permit as required by the County.  It can become complicated depending on the location, size, and design of your dock. 
2.  depending upon which lake you are looking to build on there may be different owners and authorities that will need to sign the documents.
3.  there are also special rules for docks built on canals. 
4. you will need to indemnify the Lake Padgett Estates Special District on your homeowner's policy for the dock. Please contact the LPE ISD directly regarding their specific needs or processes. 
The County has been asked to help LPE with a brochure giving directions on the process to make it easier for our residents to build a dock correctly with minimum hassle.  No one likes to have to remove a dock and start over.  Much better to do it right the first time.   Our LPE Government Affairs Committee is here to help point you in the right direction. If you need additional resources or information please contact the LPE Civic Association for assistance.