Parks & Recreation

Who provides LPE Residents with boat/vehicle decals, gate access for the parks or reserving space for an event at one of the parks?   
  • The ISD handles all of these items. not the Civic Association. 
How to contact the District (ISD): 
  • Management Company: Rizzetta & Company
    • District Manager-Matthew Huber
      • phone   (813) 994-1001
      • email 
    • address  5844 Old Pasco Road, Suite 100,  Wesley Chapel, FL  33544
  • Maintenance Supervisor for the District (ISD)
    • Steve
    • phone 813-230-2898
    • onsite main maintenance building is located at Lake Padgett Park
Save time! 
Download and fill-out your documents from the ISD website prior to going for decals, gate passes, etc. 
Understanding the Lake Padgett Estates Independent Special District (ISD), the Lake Padgett Estates Civic Association and gaining access to our LPE Parks & Recreational Areas.  
What you need to know to use and gain access to our parks:
  • You must be a current resident, property owner or legally renting/leasing a property located within the boundaries of Lake Padgett Estates/Lake Padgett Estates Independent Special District. 
  • LPE Independent Special District (ISD "the District") is a completely separate entity from the LPE Civic Association.
  • They each serve a different function for and to our residents. 
  • Neither of them is an HOA nor CDD! 
  • The LPE ISD (the District) is funded through an independent special district annual property tax assessed to each property within the District. The ISD operates via elected officials that serve on the Board of Supervisors and a paid Management Company.  
  • The LPE Civic Association is funded solely through a voluntary annual membership to the Civic Association dues payment currently set at $25/year. The Civic Association is a 501(c)4 nonprofit FL corporation that is managed and operated by volunteers and overseen by an all-volunteer Board of Directors that are all residents from the community.  
What is the LPE ISD: A local unit of special-purpose government created in 2006 by the Florida Legislature under Florida law pursuant to the "Lake Padgett Estates Independent Special District Act"  (HB 479 & SB 1316), is responsible for maintaining, operating, and improving community recreational amenities and associated infrastructure and services within the District. The District does not serve, nor is it authorized to serve, as a Community Development District (CDD), civic association or a Homeowner Association (HOA). The District is not able to fund any activity that is not directly related to the parks. Please feel free to contact the District Management Company for more information. 
Do you want a gate pass or decal?  Want to reserve a cabana or just have questions?  Contact the LPE Independent Special District for your parks & recreation needs or comments.  
The Civic Association has been in existence since the ’70s, which is why it is not considered an HOA!  The LPE subdivision was built before homeowner associations were defined in the State Legislature. In an effort to protect and preserve our parks and lakes, members of the Civic Association and the community helped form the Lake Padgett Estates Independent Special District through the Florida Legislature in 2006.  The involvement of the Civic Association in this process is why many residents may not fully understand that the two organizations are completely separate entities and have separate functions. 
The Lake Padgett Civic Association is strictly a group of volunteers trying to make the community a better place.  See the Document section for additional information on the civic association.