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Storm Sewers
Posted on Jan 28th, 2019 Comments (0)
A little rain and storm sewers are the topic!  A  resident on Lake Padgett Drive let us know that a storm drain that went from the street into the lake had collapsed.  Given the run around at the County, they called the Civic Association for help.  Government Affairs, committee members, Margie Bradley with the help of committee member, and resident, Linda Hutchinson, were able to contact the County Engineers working on the storm sewer project and have this address added to future work.  Our subdivisions drainage system is basically just ditches at the street.  At certain points, there are culverts with grates that are then piped into the lakes and canals.  The County hired a contractor to locate these drainage points because the properties they run under were never recorded or deeded as easements.  Therefore, they were difficult to locate and some of these sites were missed.  Residents manage to find them when they cave in.  So please call someone at the Civic Association so that the Government Affairs committee can deal with the problem for you. Just so you know we are working for you - because we care!
Posted on Jun 6th, 2018 Comments (0)
When a Pasco County Code Enforcement shows up at your property and actually sees a violation and it is the first time, the resident is given a warning.  If code enforcement goes out to the same residence within the same violation within a year and sees the same violation the resident will be given a citation. A citation includes a fine or court appearance. 
Building Docks on a Lake or Canal?
Posted on Mar 25th, 2018 Comments (0)
Docks on any of the LPE lakes and canals have become an issue since an accident on East Lake prompted a law suit.  If you want to build a dock, a building permit is required by the County.  It becomes more complicated depending on the location of the dock.  First, depending on the lake the different owners and authorities need to sign the documents. Second, there are also special rules for docks built on canals.  Third, you will need to indemnify the Lake Padgett Estates Special District on your homeowners policy for the dock.  The County has been asked to help LPE with a brochure giving directions on the process to make it easier for our residents to build a dock correctly with minimum hassle.  No one likes to have to remove a dock and start over.  So let's do it right the first time.   Our LPE Government Affairs Officer, Margie Bradley, will be glad to get your started.  Please feel free to call 813-996-6143 for information. 


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Upcoming Events

LPE Civic Association Semi-Annual Community Yard Sale
Saturday, March 30th at Lake Padgett Estates
The LPE Civic Association will be advertising and having signs displayed throughout the area to help promote this event. It's a great opportunity to sell your old, used, unwanted, or no longer needed items. 
LPE Civic Association Easter Egg Hunt
Saturday, April 13th, TBA at TBA
Join in this family fun event and watch as the kids gather up the colorful plastic Easter eggs filled with treats. Sponsored by your LPE Civic Association. 


We Need Your Help!

STREET LIGHTS OUT?  We need your help reporting street lights that are out.  Light up your subdivision by filling out this simple form https://www.progress-energy.com/app/streetlightrepair/default.aspx?location=florida
WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER?   Many homes in LPE do not have the house numbers properly displayed.  House numbers on mail boxes and driveways do not meet Pasco County Code.  The numbers are to be attached to the home and located near the front entrance. This is for your safety in case of an emergency http://library.municode.com/index.aspx?clientId=10281
WANTED:  Volunteers for active duty in the Civic Association.  Just complete a form on Contact Us.