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Storm Water Update
Posted on Nov 10th, 2016 Comments (0)
A representative from the Lake Padgett Estates ISD, Linda Hutchinson, and a representative from the Civic Association, Margie Bradley, met with County Commissioner, Mike Moore, and Mike Garrett the Director or Public Works in October.  The meeting was to discuss the storm water  plans for Lake Padgett Estates subdivision. 
The plans that are currently being worked on are only for immediate drainage into the lakes.  The design plans are available for viewing at the Stables Clubhouse.  Attend any meetings held there on The 2nd Tues, 3rd Tues or 4th Tues of every month at 7:00 p.m.  If you have additional questions or a special interest please call Margie Bradley or Linda Hutchinson. 
No information on the costs to design, build and maintain this system that has been in the works has been provided to us.  The County intends to set up a MSBU - municipal services benefit unit.  This acronym replaces the previous moniker which was a Taxing Unit.  It is still the same and the County intends to tax anyone who "benefits".  Every year the tax would be assessed at a rate that reflects the County expense.  You may not be aware that the costs will not be a one time - one shot expense but will include a weekly service of County employees going to each entry point into the lakes and cleaning the garbage out of the screens. 
We asked at the meeting "Who benefits, in your opinion?"  We could not understand if they were taxing only the people on the lakes within Lake Padgett, or the residents that live all around the lakes whether they were inside the subdivision or not.  Were they going to tax, Valencia Lakes, Collier Place, Sable Ridge and the Lake Padgett Office Condominiums?  And what about the other sides of Lake Padgett and Lake Saxon that includes businesses and residences?  The County did not have an answer but the question was raised as to who benefited and who was going to be included in paying for these services.  .  The drainage flow is from all of the above subdivisions on the lakes. 
Correction to the drainage is needed.  Little has been done over the years to replace the pipes and catch basins.  Although it is nice to have any garbage removed prior to entry into the lake, it appears that the screens serve to be only a bandage the garbage problem.  A great deal of garbage enters the lake from all sides without going through the areas that will be screened.  Are the screens and weekly services really going to make a difference? 
Of greater concern was the health of the lake due to septic/waste water intrusion.  The County said that the lake was low when they began the project and that they were able to see many black drainage lines into the lake.  The pipes are used for waste water and are illegal.  We asked why they did not do something about it and we received a response that it was pretty much the responsibility of the owners of the lake bottoms.  We asked to have this looked into.  Would the health department get involved or EPA?? 
Nothing has been planned at this point to redo the drainage along the streets.  This project was separated out.  We asked about Federal or State assistance on a project that would provide storm drainage and help clean up the lakes.  We were told it doesn't exist.  Please contact the Civic Association if you have any ideas for Lake Padgett on this subject. 

What would you like to happen to drainage in Lake Padgett Estates?

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